Four Weddings and a Mountain

I collected conkers yesterday, which can only mean one thing - summer really is over. Did you have a good one?
Me? Mine was pretty amaze dot com. I danced the night away at four weddings and climbed a mountain.img_20160926_230918
I love seeing my friends so happy and in love. I love how much it makes everyone else happy. I love celebrating with them. I love dancing. I love good food. I love open bars. And I love cake. Good times. I am not in favour, however, of the All the Single Ladies Bouquet Toss. Women can have jobs and vote now and everything. 
I do however love new places and seeing new ways of living. I like to think I love experiencing new cultures but actually I think I love knowing I’ve experienced life in a different culture more than actually having to navigate how different cultures work.
Question of the summer: What will you do with your one wild life?
Listening to some music on the mountain and this one lyric resounded in my head for hours – what will you do with your one wild life?
There I was, on an actual real live mountain, having trekked up beyond the clouds, camping with no running water or electricity, on as near an actual wild adventure as I’ve ever been and all I could think about was how to make my life more wild.
I’m not talking crazy hedonistic wild, or even far out once in a lifetime adventure kinda wild. But the unpredictable, whimsical, running free, overflowing, joyful wild of our choice to live unconventionally building the kingdom and loving more.

“Living a life fully engaged and full of whimsy and the kind of things that love does is something most people plan to do, but along the way they just kind of forget. Their dreams become one of those "we'll go there next time" deferrals. The sad thing is, for many there is no "next time" because passing on the chance to cross over is an overall attitude toward life." Bob Goff

What will you do with your one wild life?
Play it safe? Chase waterfalls? Stick to the rivers and the lakes that you’re used to? Have it your way or nothing it all? Or take that risk, start the journey up the mountain? Live a wild life full of whimsy?
In the dull moments of work I used to text my friend, “Maybe we’re wasting our young years.” Now I no longer think about the young years (a sign of my increasing wisdom with each birthday I'm sure) but instead  I wonder what to do with the time that is given to us.

I want to go barefoot because it’s holy ground; I want to be running because time is short and none of us has as much runway as we think we do; and I want it to be a fight because that’s where we can make a difference. That’s what love does.” Bob Goff


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