Hope in a time of Corona. Part 1

Friends, Beloved Reader.

Whoever in their wildest dreams/nightmares thought we would be here. Isolated. Distanced. At home.

I did not sign up for life in this dystopian alternate universe. Can you please wake me up when September ends the matrix has been reset/the ring destroyed?

And yet.

God is good and God is loving and God is with us - through the grief and fear and uncertainty across the world. Through the anxiety and pain we feel right now and that yet to come. Through the daily briefings from Boris. Through all the unanswered questions being thrown toward heaven.

God is good, all the time. And all the time, God is good.

And so, I have hope. Kinda scared to write this in case in a couple of weeks I look back and hysterically laugh at my own naivety but here goes:

I am hopeful that we will lean into trusting God through the mystery and uncertainty in a way that resets what we thought possible and unleashes bold faith that enables us to run with the wild of the Spirit into the immeasurably more.

I am hopeful that in the shaking of things we thought unshakable we will discover our real values, where our trust is placed and the courage to reshape our lives with our eyes set on Jesus, making decisions based on faith and not fear.

I am hopeful that God will feel more real and more present to us all.

I am hopeful my hairdressers will reopen soon because I really need a haircut already.

I am hopeful my favourite place for brunch will keep delivering.

I am hopeful this reawakening of community will last throughout our lives.

I am hopeful we will all grow in compassion and love, that we would no longer be able to ignore those fleeing chaos and danger.

I am hopeful this will shape our nation for the better.

I am hopeful this will shape our world for the better.

I am hopeful we will learn new rhythms of rest and prayer and sabbath.

I am hopeful the oat milk black market will keep me stocked in dairy-free milk (STOP STOCKPILING NON-DAIRY ALTERNATIVES WHEN YOU CAN DRINK COW'S MILK).

I am hopeful the internets will cope.

I am hopeful that in three weeks time I'll still remember how to apply mascara.

I am hopeful we will discover how to be present for our people whilst being apart.

I am hopeful I won’t kill my housemates when living and working alongside each other is just too much. I am hopeful they won't kill me!

I am hopeful miracles will abound and when we are asked where God was in 2020 we will say “Here. God was here. And this is my story of God’s goodness.”

I am hopeful that we will dance in the land of the living.

I am hopeful God will empower you with inner strength through the Spirit, that your roots will grow down deep into God’s love and keep you strong. I am hopeful you will grow in your understanding of how wide, how long, how high, and how deep God’s love is. (Ephesians 3v16 -19)

I am hopeful we will reach the other side more loving, more gracious, more trusting, more patient and more Wild.

I am hopeful we will discover that most of those meetings actually could have been a two-sentence email.

I am hopeful that at somepoint soon we will stop storing up earthly treasures of hand sanitiser/loo roll/pasta.

I am hopeful we will remember that darkness has not overcome the light.

I am hopeful we will know God giving us the grace for the day and filling in all our gaps.

I am hopeful that I will remember that this is just a season. I am hopeful I will live it well.

May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit. Romans 15v13

May you stay with the hard and holy things with brazen/bold/barefaced/shameless/unabashed/audacious/unashamed hope. 

Disclaimer: I have hope but it doesn't mean I don't see the darkness. Hope is not my overiding emotion right now - I’m an optimist but staring down a world-wide pandemic is something else. WHO EVEN KNEW PANDEMIC WAS A REAL WORD BEFORE LAST WEEK?! This is is just as much a choice as joy is. This is a won't-let-go-until-we-see-blessings kinda hope. This is a we-have-no-option-but-to-hope kinda hope.

Break the bread. Pour the wine. Give thanks.

I hold you in my heart and in my prayers. May grace and peace overflow throughout your day/isolation/lockdown/distancing. May goodness and mercy chase you down.

What are you hoping for?

This was right by work. Best graffiti ever.
This was right by work. Best graffiti ever.

P.S. I am already BEYOND EXCITED to be back together again. The joy awaiting in reunion is already too much for my heart to hold.

2 thoughts on “Hope in a time of Corona. Part 1

  1. Liz Taylor

    Thanks Rachel
    I always find your writing inspiring and amusing and apt.
    Remember our definition of hope is opposite to the world's definition because it is certain and sure and it goes back to before the creation of the world.
    I learnt this week that 'goodbye' comes from 'God be with you.' I've been thinking of a hymn that used to play at the end of a Christian radio programme Grandma used to listen to when I was a child - 'God be with you till we meet again; by his counsels guide, uphold you, with his sheep in love enfold you; God be with you till we meet again.'
    That's my prayer for you.
    Love Liz

    1. SherlyH

      Post author

      Thanks Liz! God be with you until we meet again - I love it! So perfect for right now. No chance of me inviting myself over for the FA cup final this year!:) God be wih you until we meet again. Much love x x


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