It’s the little things in life…

...that make you smile...
  • People wearing sunglasses. On the tube. In winter – correct me if I'm wrong but there’s no sun under the ground. And no sun in winter (give or take a couple of hours here or there). So take off your sunglasses. Unless you’re Cyclops. If you’re Cyclops you should keep them on.
  • Getting the front seat at the top of the bus.
  • Tea and cake and friends – goes without saying really.
  • Beating your flatmates home in the ‘I’m-gonna -prove-that-this-mode-of-transportation-is-quicker-than-yours’ race. Bus for the win!
  • Seeing London lit up at night as I go across Waterloo Bridge on my way home after work (sitting on the top deck at the front of course)
  • Watching people run for the bus – not that I would ever do this, especially not if I were racing my flatmates home.
  • Seeing someone smile when they read a text/email.
  • Memories of New Zealand and South Africa – LOVE to the YWAM crew.

...that make you cry...
  • Being stuck behind a bunch of school kids on the tube escalator – Move. Out. Of. My. Way. Before. I. Kill. You.
  • Hauntingly Sad Sad Music.
  • Meeting a homeless man, shivering in the freezing cold and being unable to solve his problems.
  • Having a doorman tell me I don’t look 19, look at my driver’s licence and then say “Really?” when he works out how old I am, shrug his shoulders and let me in.
  • Meeting a man who had served as a Gurkha for 15 years but having been in England for 2 years is now homeless and sleeping rough.
  • People overwhelmed to tears with relief and gratitude when handed food at a foodbank.
  • The girls in Perspex heels, long coats and lots of makeup who smoke outside the table dancing club round the corner.
  • Going to the cupboard for the last piece of cake, only to realise that you ate it yesterday and in keeping with the trying-to-be-a-healthy-house-policy there are no sweet things other than raisins *sigh*


...that make you laugh...

  • Having an ambiguous ethnicity. No, I am not Chinese, Nepali or Brazilian (genuine questions I have been asked by three different people in the last few weeks).
  • London 2012. What. A. Joke. Super excited for the athletics though. 
  • Watching someone jump to get on the tube, only to get their rucksack stuck outside. 
  • Public transport in general.
  • The Usain Bolt virgin media ads – they’re just too good. Five points to whoever came up with those.
  • My flatmates.

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