Lockdown Diaries 7: What is saving your life right now?

Dear Friends, Beloved Reader,

Lockdown 3 - what can I say. We’ve said it all already no?

screenshot_20210228-1444245211891061112368977.pngHow you hanging on to your sanity? I’m pretty sure mine is long gone.  I've long abandoned dreaming of Chateau life and instead have succumbed to the watching say-yes-to-the-dress stage of lockdown. But I'm getting better at handstands, so, you know, win some lose some.

What is saving your life right now?

Saving mine?

  • Walks. Still. Always. Especially on Sunday mornings with friends who ask the big questions and don’t expect me to have any answers.img_20210226_130909123_hdr651716568277073939.jpg
  • The Calendar of Good Things. Pizza is not guaranteed, every small thing is worth celebrating.
  • Spiritual direction – space to bring all my thoughts and questions and leave with reminders of the truths I have long known but somehow forgotten. For real don’t know how I ever navigated life without it.
  • Finding new spiritual practises. I know monotony can be a luxury but I am officially bored. As ever, my beloved Barbara Brown Taylor is helping me see mundane activities in a new light. But if anyone knows how I can transform general boredom into a spiritual practice LET ME KNOW.
  • The refill shop now sells CRISPS – and there was great rejoicing throughout the land.img_20210223_1351585484146929098345003956.jpg
  • Signs of spring and SUNSHINE.
  • 80s music aerobics and dance workouts - guaranteed to get me out of bed before 7am. GOTTA GET MY MOVES SORTED FOR 21ST JUNE PARTIES.
  • Pastries and hot cross buns. Technically I gave up pastries for lent but tis lockdown sooooo….screenshot_20210215-1947337585663566014472909.png
  • Reading books about WILD adventures – both soothing and aggravating my restlessness.

I find this list quite surprising. Lockdown 3 is a slog and I really didn’t think anything much was getting me through the days. As ever, turns out, the grace for the day is at work and far more prevalent than I can see in the moment.

Hang tight friends, we’re getting through.

May you take hold of God today, not tomorrow, not when its easier, but in this moment now in all the glory or mess that it brings." Commoners Communion

Break the bread. Pour the wine. Give thanks and find the things that save your life.

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