Lying in the Traffic

Every now and again I find an album that just makes we want to weep tears of musical joy. And every time I listen to it I want to go and lie in traffic because I know that nothing in my life will ever be as well crafted as that lyric, melody or arrangement.
Every time I find such an album I listen to nothing else for maybe the next two weeks and I mean literally nothing else.
This week I discovered such an album that makes me want to lie in the middle of Bethnal Green Road and take my chances with the traffic.
Endless Years by Will Reagan and the United Pursuit Band.
I have listened to nothing else for the past week. You need to listen to it.
The title track, Endless Years, is by far my favourite:

I will hold you child
When all is done
When the world is gone
And many songs have been sung
You will be with me
Through endless years
We will dance and sing
When your heart is fulfilled
So don’t close your eyes
Don’t lose your way
Don’t miss all the gifts
That are unforeseen
I’m your anchor and shield
I’m the wind in your sails
I’m the song in your heart
I’m the God who saves.

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