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Remember the days when the smallest thing was the most fascinating thing ever?

Remember the days when what is now commonplace was o so amazing?

Remember the days when what is now a nuisance was actually something you excited talked about for weeks?

This week I had a twenty minute conversation with an 8 year old about the wonders of flying economy class...

"You have a TV in the seat in front of you! And you can watch anything you like, even Horrid Henry. And there's a thing for your drink by your arm. And  tray that goes in front of you like this. And they bring you really good food - two lots of food. Lunch and dinner. And they bring you pillows. And they bring you drinks. And there's even something to put your feet on."

All this from a child I who usually only answers my questions with "Yes" or "No." It's in the detail.

Remember when the world was fascinating?

This week I'm looking into the detail of everyday life to rediscover childlike wonder.

From the East Jesus art garden on the outskirts of Slab City, California.

If ever you find yourself at Salvation Mountain in Niland, California, then you should follow the advice of the Liverpudlian hippy who is spending three months driving through the USA and go visit East Jesus.

East Jesus is made up of an 'improvised community of artists, musicians, survivalists, writers, scientists, laymen and other wandering geniuses. Partially an exhibition space for those problematic projects taking up your warehouse space,partially a build space for those problematic projects taking up the desert.' If you want to know what a house looks like when you put three mortgages on it then East Jesus is the place to go.  

Ignore the fact that it's at the end of a dirt track and no-one will ever find your body, let alone hear you scream (I'm sure it's perfectly safe but mate, I'm from Croydon - I don't trust desert hippies).

Make sure you get a guided tour of the garden by the guy who lives there - the art makes so much more sense when its explained to you. 

Don't step into anything that makes a circle on the ground. 

And last of all don't forget to pray like crazy and plead the blood of Jesus over your heart, soul, mind and strength when you leave