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Here we are. Friday:
✔️Bread (brownie)*
✔️Wine (big ol mug of tea)*
✔️Fancy clothes (£4 H&M best dress ever that hasn’t been worn for 4,000,012 days)
✔️Lipstick – MaxFactor Ruby Tuesday (a Classic)
✔️A deep breath

We bring you our week.
All that it was
All that it wasn’t.

All the dreams fulfilled
All the hope crushed
All the times we laughed till we cried
All the times we cried
(especially when we cried before 10.30am)
All the times our joy could not be contained
All the times we doubted we could get through the next hour

We bring you the exhausting monotony of the days
We thank you for the peace we found in surprising places
We bring you all the frantic moments and all the painstakingly slow ones
We thank you for our people who checked in/sent flowers/went for walks
We bring you the pain of all those we miss and have those we have lost

We bring you our week
All that it was
All that it wasn’t
And everything inbetween

We thank you for all the good things we noticed and for those we did not see
We cling to the goodness of God, at the heart of humanity, planted more deeply than all that is wrong
We ask for strength for the day and bright hope for tomorrow.

Eat the brownie. Drink the Tea. Remember/Lament/Celebrate. Give thanks.
(fancy clothes and lipstick optional)

*If bread and wine can be symbolic then so can brownies and tea no?