This is it y'all. Only a few hours remaining until I head to Asia! I don't know whether to laugh, cry or throw up. You know what they say - when in doubt, write it out.

1st of All. Thank you so much wonderful people for your all your support. You have no idea how much you have cheered me on through all the preparation and how much that will cheer me on out the door and on the way to the airport  IN JUST A COUPLE OF HOURS.

2nd of All. Clear evidence I have matured - this time 8 years ago I was debating whether I should take The Princess Bride book or my purple yoda jumper with glow-in-the-dark lightsabre on it with me on my travels. Yesterday I put The Princess Bride in my suitcase with no hesitation - jumpers with glow in the dark decal in no way prevent you from falling over mystery objects in the dark. Clearly I am now wise and mature beyond measure.

3rd of All Preach Brother Mark -

When you are preparing for a monumentous change in your life, the reality often doesn’t kick in until a few weeks beforehand. Then you start thinking about how it is really going to affect your life, wonder why the hell you decided to put yourself in such a position and occasionally, inevitably, ask yourself whether you can’t get out of it.

4th of All. This past week has been a whirlwind of:

  • Wearing all my favourite clothes that I can't take with me (yes, I'm talking about you, most beautiful Lavender Fields jumper of them all. I miss you a million and seven already)
  • Eating all my favourite eats (yes, I'm talking about you pretentious yet delicious toast in Balham)
  • Saying 'see-you-in-November' to too many of my favourites (insert crying a river emoji here. I miss you a million and seven already)
  • Asking my bffs "WHAT IS THIS LIFE/WHAT AM I DOING?" on a daily basis (general response: I don't know what you're doing either)
  • And really useful things that are definitely a good use of time and not some thinly veiled procrastination like folding all the clothes in my cupboard (inner neat-freak cannot abide the idea of coming home to a messy wardrobe)

THE FINAL COUNTDOWN. da dadada daaaaa da da da da da.

Next stop, Asia. Well, after a million year trek to Heathrow Airport #consideritalljoy

[Insert perfectly candid photo of me panicking though somehow managing to look like I still have everything together and is totally able to handle everything]

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